Tech giant Apple filed a patent application for a device that will allow users to plug their MacBooks and iPhones directly into solar panels to recharge them. The invention is an update on current technology, which requires an extra adapter for anyone hoping to use a solar panel to charge a device. Apple is tapping into one more way to use a solar power system for more than just home electricity.

The new device is designed to work with either a typical AC adapter, or directly through a solar panel. It will feature a cord that simply plugs into a device, and the hope is that phones and computers will charge more efficiently this way, while also reducing the cost of energy used for charging. Users will be able to charge devices even when a conventional wall outlet isn’t available.

This isn’t the first solar patent for which Apple has applied, and the company has not yet stated whether this device will be included in future product offerings. For now, Apple is simply ensuring they hold the rights to this new innovation, so fans of Macs and iPhones will have to wait to see what becomes of this new technology.

Each solar power system in the United States holds the ability to power more than just homes and businesses, and Apple is hoping to capitalize on this initiative. Combined with previous patent applications and an announcement that at least one manufacturing facility will be operated by solar power, the company is positioning itself as a future leader in solar power technology.