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Skytech Solar specializes in installing Solar Panels and Solar Power systems in the San Francisco Bay Area. Go Solar now and take advantage of Solar Energy to reduced PG and E rates, charging you electric car and reducing your overall carbon footprint. Skytech Solar is a local bay area solar company, located in Potrero Hill that has completed over 400 Residential Solar Panel installations in the City of San Francisco. What are the advantages of solar energy? How do solar panels work? What are the solar energy pros and cons? Give us a call and one of our Solar Consultants would be glad to answer all of your Solar Power questions.
1501 Mariposa St Suite 319 San Francisco CA
Phone: 415.826.2503
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GoSolarSF Supplemental Low-Income Application

GoSolarSF Supplemental Low-Income Application

The GoSolarSF program offers a one-time incentive payment to local solar electric projects to reduce the
cost of installation. In addition to the GoSolarSF residential incentive ($500 – $2,800), low-income
households are eligible to receive a supplemental low-income incentive ($2,000 – $7,000). GoSolarSF is
administered by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC).
Please contact the SFPUC at 415-554-3434 or if you have questions
about the GoSolarSF program. GoSolarSF program information is available at
Qualifying for a Low-Income Incentive

Complete and submit the attached GoSolarSF Supplemental Low-Income Incentive application. To be
deemed a low-income household, the annual household gross income may not exceed the following
income guidelines adjusted by household size. Each individual household member age 18 or over must
submit income verification documents.

Completing the Supplemental Low-Income Incentive Application
SFPUC will make a determination on all complete applications. Incomplete applications will be returned.

Please use the checklist below to be sure your application package is complete.
To determine if a household is low-income, applicants must submit the following:

1) A signed GoSolarSF Supplemental Low-Income Application.
2) Most recent PG&E bill, showing the account holder’s name and address.
3) Two most recent paystubs for each household member age 18 or over. The paystubs must be dated
within the past six months. If a household member over age 18 has not worked in the past six
months, then the two most recent federal income tax returns must be submitted instead (rather than
only one as required below).
4) Most recent federal income tax return for each household member age 18 or over, including all
schedules and W2s. The tax return must be from the most recently completed tax year.
5) If self-employed, submit the two most recent federal income tax returns, including all schedules and

Note: Please remove your Social Security number from your documents.

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