Solar energy technology is a growing industry. New technologies are necessary in this forward- thinking industry that provides alternative renewable energy resources to a growing consumer world. As technologies change, the solar power system will increase to include other viable options for solar technology, to help our energy grids to function in sustainable ways, many still to be invented.

Solar energy is still a young industry that has only begun to tap into the available power the sun provides. The invention of other devices will only prove to further the use of much needed sustainable solar power.

André Broessel has created a new style of solar energy in a globe that, according to him, is 35 percent more efficient than the current standard solar panels that are available, when it is used along with a device that tracks the sun to enable it to get every bit of available sun to create sustainable solar energy.

The power system is a generator. It is a free- standing rotating glass orb that captures the energy of the sun. The round surface enables it to direct the incoming energy to a focal point of solar cells, instead of over a larger area of solar panels. The globe is even more sustainable than solar panels. It uses fewer of the products needed to make the solar cells necessary in a solar power system, but it may not be the most feasible option for the average consumer.

Solar panels are a fixed piece of equipment. The rotating globe would more easily harvest the available sun and not be confined to a stationary flat surface like the solar panels. The solar globe may be one option for additional energy-efficient power sources in the future, for large corporations, but flat panels are still the best choice for the average consumer.