Solar Panels May Work Better with Music

While scientists may have thought they knew exactly how solar panels work, researchers in London have unearthed new solar energy facts about this renewable energy source. It turns out that solar panels may work better when listening to music—and not just any kind of music—they work better when listening to upbeat pop songs.

The panels obviously do not actually listen to the music, but the vibrations from music being played near solar panels can positively affect the power output from each panel. Researchers experimented with several types of music, but found that classical music was not as effective as pop or rock, which has more high-pitched notes. The music does not have to be loud to show an effect; researchers noted better solar panel performance at just 75 decibels.

Since the research has shown a definite link between better solar panel performance and pop music, it may be possible to use this information not only to improve the functioning of solar panels for homes, but also solar powered cars, trains, buses, and personal electronic devices, all of which can be used with music quite easily.

The promise of research such as this study shows that there are still many solar energy facts that have yet to be learned. Optimizing solar panels through the use of music may change the way we approach solar energy, and could help panels become more efficient in climates that do not receive a lot of direct sunlight. This renewable resource holds much promise as a dependable source of clean, natural energy.