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Skytech Solar specializes in installing Solar Panels and Solar Power systems in the San Francisco Bay Area. Go Solar now and take advantage of Solar Energy to reduced PG and E rates, charging you electric car and reducing your overall carbon footprint. Skytech Solar is a local bay area solar company, located in Potrero Hill that has completed over 400 Residential Solar Panel installations in the City of San Francisco. What are the advantages of solar energy? How do solar panels work? What are the solar energy pros and cons? Give us a call and one of our Solar Consultants would be glad to answer all of your Solar Power questions.
1501 Mariposa St Suite 319 San Francisco CA
Phone: 415.826.2503
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Installation Videos

Our Solar Panel Installation Videos Show How Skytech Solar Provides Solar Energy Fast!

If you are still unsure that solar energy is the right choice for you right now, take a look at our solar panel installation videos to see why Skytech Solar is the first choice for so many Bay Area residents. For those who are searching for more information about our installation services, our videos can supply an overview of the process in only a few minutes. It isn’t just a matter of trying to sell you the most expensive system we can. We strive to provide each of our customers with the right system for their needs and their budget. Our goal is to outfit every home, business and organization with solar power, even if it means installing the system at no cost to them!

Our solar panel installation videos provide a good way for you to see how organized we are when it comes to installing these systems–just click on the embedded video we have included above. We also complete the installation in less than 30 days the majority of the time. Our professional staff follows our rapid install program to effectively and efficiently set up the system to get the best results. That means you save energy and money without the burden of a high initial investment.

For many home or business owners, the initial investment is a major concern. We help you with all rebate and incentive programs so that you get all of the assistance available from local, state and federal governments. You don’t have to know the details of how incentive programs can help pay for your system. We know your options and also offer flexible finance options that make it feasible for anyone to work a solar energy system into their budget.

Another detail that is important to consider when deciding which company will install a solar energy system is their experience–this isn’t a job that you should entrust to a fly-by-night company. Skytech Solar has installed more than 450 professional solar installations in San Francisco alone. We are one of the leading solar energy companies in the Bay Area and have been providing services since 2008. Instead of taking a one-system-fits-all approach to solar energy, we use a solution-based method to create the unique system that is right for you. Watch our solar panel installation videos to learn more about Skytech Solar and our options for affordable, efficient solar energy!

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