Workforce Development

Skytech Solar is SF Workforce Development Certified

The free solar GoSolarSF program, administered by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, provides San Francisco solar incentives to residents, businesses and nonprofit organizations to install solar electric systems on their properties.

If you use Skytech Solar vs. a non-certified installer, you will receive an additional $750 in rebates. To receive a free solar GoSolarSF incentive, customers are required to use a solar installation contractor that is certified for the GoSolarSF program. There are two exemptions to this requirement: non-profit contractors and contractors headquartered in San Francisco with three or fewer employees.

To attain free solar GoSolarSF certification, GoSolarSF requires contractors to provide entry level job opportunities for referred workers. Candidates for solar installer positions have some construction background, either through a partner training agency or previous experience. Referred workers are affiliated with workforce development agencies that complete a thorough evaluation of each candidate and pre-screen all candidates advanced to the contractor for the interview process. Referred workers are selected based on work ethic, willingness to learn, and demonstrated ability. Ultimately, the decision to hire rests solely with the contractor. The contractor will have the support of the referring community organization, which often provides follow through services after placement.