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PG&E chose Skytech for their employee’s discount home solar program.
“Appreciate your leadership, your making a difference and an enlightened Business.” — Gavin Newson, Lt. Governer of California, past Mayor of San Francisco

Skytech Mission and Difference

Our Mission is to provide solar for everyone, regardless of income and being a positive influence in the community. This video illustrates how we differ.
“I shopped around many other before going with these guys…were the cheapest! …most thorough, and indeed they rocked!!! I’ve talked to other friends about their experiences, and I scored by getting these guys. I super-highly recommend them!!!!!” — Peter M., Hayes Valley, San Francisco, CA

Department of Energy Report: Solar is More Affordable than Ever

The Department of Energy (DOE) published a study earlier this week providing hard evidence for what most in the solar industry already intuitively know: solar prices are lower than ever. The report finds that the average price of distributed solar systems in the...

Powering America

With the rise of the modern age of technology and transportation, there has been a need for a source of energy that meets consumer demand.

Solar Power, the Never-Ending Energy Source

As technology advances, it may be possible that no fossil fuels will be needed to produce and transport these cells, making solar power a true zero-carbon output energy source.

Solar Panels, a Renewable Energy System for the Home

Solar panels are a collection of solar cells that are bound together to create a durable, long-lasting source to draw energy from the sun. Solar panels for home use collect energy from direct sunlight that is then stored in a bank of batteries. The process of...

Solar-Powered Airplanes? It Could Happen

One of the biggest problems for air travel is the reliance on fuel for flights. Not only does this produce an abundance of harmful emissions, but it also drives the cost of tickets to nearly unaffordable heights for overseas travel. The biggest advantages of solar...

Solar Power Begets Solar Power

One of the biggest challenges for solar power system creation is the production of the solar panels. Although solar energy itself leaves no carbon footprint, the manufacturing process does. Engineers at Oregon State University may have a solution to this problem....

Solar Powered Smartphones Hit the Market

When it comes to solar energy, solar panels for home use aren't the only way to benefit from this renewable resource. Luxury watch manufacturer Tag Heuer recently announced its solar-powered smartphone. This exclusive model may carry a $7,000 price tag, but could more...

The Hybrid Plug-In Gives the Electric Car Some Gas

The electric car was ridiculed early on, with many skeptics saying that it would never take off. Today's hybrid plug-ins are making the electric vehicle more palatable to many car buyers, and the biggest names in the auto industry have finally created models that...