Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about the GoSolarSF Program… and the Frequently Given Answers we provide about the program, its incentives, the SASH Program, and more.

Who can qualify for the free solar GoSolarSF Program?
To encourage more installations of virtually free solar power in San Francisco, the City is offering San Francisco solar incentives to residents and businesses to install solar power on their properties.

What percentage is paid for me and how much is provided for through the GoSolarSF Program?
The property owner/host customer must contribute a minimum of 5% of the total project funding; the balance covers no more than 95% of the total project cost through state CSI and GoSolarSF San Francisco solar incentives. This typically amounts to $590 for an $11,900 solar panel project. However, this does not apply to SASH (Single-family Affordable Solar Homes) program participants.

How can I qualify for the SASH Program?
SASH is the State of California’s CSI low-income program under which applicants may be eligible for a free system or at least a highly subsidized system. If you’re eligible for the SASH program, the host customer/property owner must apply to SASH. Applications received for non-SASH low-income qualification who qualify for SASH will be returned. To qualify, the household must be below median income and the home must be located in the SF Enterprise Zone or in a Neighborhood Revitalization Area and owner-occupied.

How can I qualify for the non-SASH Program?
The $7,000 low-income add-on will remain in place for systems that are 1.4 kW CEC-AC or larger. There will be a lower add-on amount of $5,800 for systems that are at least 1 kW CEC-AC but less than 1.4 kW CEC-AC. In addition, for applicants demonstrating low-income eligibility through the Mayor’s Office of Housing (MOH), approval from MOH must be obtained before applying for a GoSolarSF incentive. SASH applicants do not need to apply to MOH.

How long is the reservation period for GoSolarSF?
The reservation period is now six months. In the case of new construction, an extension up to three months could be granted if proof of project delay is provided.

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