Incentive Programs

Even if you’ve already heard about the many benefits that come with installing solar panels on your home, we have some additional solar panel information that can make the installation of these devices even more of a financially appealing option. Not only does solar energy have an impact on your energy bill, it also makes a huge positive impact on the environment. That’s why both local and federal government incentive programs are available to help encourage more people to make the transition to solar energy use.  There are city, state and federal incentive programs offered to Bay Area residents to optimize the financial rewards for your solar benefits.

San Francisco residents, please visit the GoSolarSF program to read about solar energy credits and other solar power benefits in the area. The more solar panel information you have, the easier it will be for you to make an educated decision about properly transitioning to solar power.

Not every individual has the same options for getting rebates or incentives when they make the switch to solar energy. An individual homeowner probably won’t have nearly as many options as the large business operator. No matter how large or small your home or business, it is worth your time to find out more about what incentives are available to make installing solar panels a more affordable option for you.

Since going green not only benefits you but also reduces the entire country’s dependence on fossil fuels, the government offers a great deal of solar panel information to help individuals and corporations alike learn about the advantages of this energy source. And the Federal Government wants you to go green so much that it typically offers generous incentives of 30 percent, based on your out-of-pocket expenses. This is just another way to get even more mileage — and savings — with the benefits of solar power. And what you save on your energy bill could make a big difference in how you budget your monthly energy cost.