Lock in Electrical Rates

Over the last 30 years, PG&E has increased its price per kilowatt for electricity an average of 6 percent per year.

By going solar, you’re locking in a PG&E rate at today’s prices and your savings over the coming years can be quite substantial.

A look at PG&E rate schedules over a short period of time will tell you how unpredictable you can expect your electric bill to be. A solar system from Skytech Solar will take the worry out of increasing electricity costs and create savings for you from day one. You can save on the rates on PG&E rate schedule that exist for facilities that are 100% electric for a significant amount of savings over time.

Making an investment into a solar energy system doesn’t have to be a burden on you that takes years to have an impact on the amount you pay on your energy each month. We work with clients to get the maximum rebates and incentives they qualify for. In addition, we have financing available that will fit into every budget. Our goal is to get everyone using solar so that no one has to worry about PG&E rates climbing and putting a greater burden on residents or business owners who have a budget.

Protect yourself against rising electricity rates and never have to worry about sacrificing your comfort in order to afford your energy bill costs. There are many rewards for making the switch to solar including the protection against rate hikes. It is also a more rewarding way of getting the energy you need to keep your home or business comfortable without spending a lot of money.

Expense is only one aspect of energy use but one that is a key factor in determining whether the transition to solar is the right one for any resident or business owner. Saving money and energy always go hand in hand when you have Skytech Solar install a solar system and create a solar solution that is right for your specific needs.