4.0 KW Solar System for only $3,999*

GoSolarSF is currently accepting applications for all incentive types. Prior to this year GSSF required applicants to obtain an approved reservation from the California Solar Initiative (CSI) State rebate program before applying to GSSF. Since the CSI has met its goals and is no longer offering funding to Northern California, the SFPUC is incorporating the requirements of the CSI into the GSSF application process and implementing it into an on-line system. Upon completion all applications will be reviewed on-line. It is anticipated the website will be available in October 2013. In the meantime no applications will be accepted, except for low-income SASH.

*Applying for the Low Income Qualifications Program:

To complete an application we are going to require the following information.

  1. You must first qualify for Low Income by completing a GoSolarSF Supplemental Low-Income Application
  2. Once Approved we are going to require the following items:
  3. A copy of your current homeowner’s insurance policy declaration page. This policy must include Name and Address and show “Personal Liability” of $200,000 or more.
  4. A Property Tax bill showing Lot & Block number.
  5. PG&E Bills: We need your most recent 2 bills including Name, Account Number and Electric Meter number. PLEASE NOTE: You must provide a one-month gap between these bills. (Examples: May and July or September and November)
  6. A check for $1,000.00 made payable to Skytech Solar. This check will NOT be deposited until after we get final approval from the City of San Francisco.
  7. Proof of income is needed to verify

Note: Please remove your Social Security number from your documents.

Household size Annual Gross Income

















Go Solar SF Incentive Structure


If you have any additional questions about the Go Solar SF program please give us a call at 415.826.2503  and we would glad to assist you.

* The Fine Print:

Must be a City of San Francisco Resident
Must Qualify for “Low-Income” Status
Price includes 30% Federal Rebate