Colin, the owner is very professional and extremely knowledgable about solar energy and solar panels, and was able to guide us on selecting the right system for our needs. I would highly recommend Skytech Solar.

-- Tanya C., Orinda

Case Study: system size:  10.56 kW

Case Study: system size: 10.56 kW. Monthly bill: $387


  • System size: 10.56 kW
  • Monthly electric bill: $387
  • Monthly electric bill (after solar): $14
  • Monthly savings: $373
  • 25 year savings: $201,404
  • ROI 5.3 years


This solar system paid for itself in 5.3 years. Using federal tax credit for solar and monthly electrical bill savings. It’s guaranteed for 25 years. However, can last significantly longer. In it’s 25 year approximately savings is: $172,949 (after you receive back your initial investment).

*Cumulative Cash flow / Return on investment (after all tax rebates / incentives received): $201,404
*$201,404 (Cumulative Cash flow / Return on investment – cost of investment): $172,949
*Depending on usage

Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint will be reduced. Over the life of your system, 294 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) will be eliminated from your footprint.

Trees Planted

Gallons of Gasoline Saved

Tons of Landfill Saved

Tons of Coal Burned