Piedmont is an ideal location for solar.  With an average of 259 days of sun, this is more than efficient for all your solar needs.

Piedmont is one of many cities that choose skytech solar to be the preferred solar provider for their residents community buy-in.  The process of choosing skytech solar was done using a RFP to all solar installers in the bay area.  The factors were based on engineering and design, installation, warranty, insurance, reduction in transaction costs and yield environmental benefits.

Human-induced climate change is a global crisis with the potential for environmental and social misfortune. Ever mindful of the consequences this crisis poses for future generations, the residents of Piedmont recognize that we must all take action to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. By acting locally, our small city can make a contribution to a worldwide effort. Accordingly, the City of Piedmont has developed this Climate Action Plan (CAP) in a significant step toward achieving our greenhouse gas reduction goals.  http://www.ci.piedmont.ca.us/climate.shtml

We are delighted to offer Piedmont residents, the community 15% discount that was prearranged through this RFP process.  Please fill out the following form or call us at 415-826-2503 to speak to a solar consultant and get a free individualized proposal.