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Skytech Solar specializes in installing Solar Panels and Solar Power systems in the San Francisco Bay Area. Go Solar now and take advantage of Solar Energy to reduced PG and E rates, charging you electric car and reducing your overall carbon footprint. Skytech Solar is a local bay area solar company, located in Potrero Hill that has completed over 400 Residential Solar Panel installations in the City of San Francisco. What are the advantages of solar energy? How do solar panels work? What are the solar energy pros and cons? Give us a call and one of our Solar Consultants would be glad to answer all of your Solar Power questions.
1501 Mariposa St Suite 319 San Francisco CA
Phone: 415.826.2503
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Why Skytech Solar

Skytech Solar is a rapid SF solar installer focused on our customers’ needs.

We have an obsession with excellent customer service for solar homes, often installing systems in 30 days or less.

We are responsive among solar energy companies with great attention to detail.

We have a strong sense of community: Our business has helped many low-income residents of SF solar homes to go solar for free. In fact, thanks to San Francisco’s GoSolarProgram, we have to date installed over 450 professional SF solar systems — most of which were absolutely free to our customers.

We help our customers take advantage of all PG&E CARE program rebate and San Francisco solar incentive programs to optimize assistance available from your local utility, plus local, state and federal governments.

We are a San Francisco Workforce Development certified installer, which automatically qualifies you for an extra $750 in rebates vs. working with a non-certified solar panel SF installer.

We have Bay Area solar local expertise, having worked in Building Departments throughout the Bay Area.

We are a locally owned and operated San Francisco business.

We have a team of experienced solar professionals.

We proudly use American-made equipment for solar homes and businesses.

And we are a mission-based organization.

Some details of why more people are using Skytech Solar for their solar home needs:

  • First and foremost, we are a consulting firm that offers a SF solar solution in an era of rising energy costs and uncertainty.
  • We help you with all rebate and incentive programs to get the most assistance from local, state and federal governments. We have residential lease programs for everyone even low FICO scores of 600 and up. We have commercial leasing and bank relationships for equipment loans as low as 5% Very flexible finance options for all budgets.
  • Our dedication to this is most exemplified by the fact that we have performed over 450 professional SF solar installations in the City alone and most of them were absolutely free to our customers.
  • Our focus as one of the leading solar energy companies in the Bay Area is on the right system for your needs and budget. We install the system professionally with our in-house staff through our rapid install program. This means that by the time you either purchase a system or qualify for one of a variety of our financing options, we can have you installed as quickly as possible – often in less than 30 days depending upon your local building department processes.
  • Your “right-sized” system by Skytech Solar not only considers your current needs, but provides room to grow for your future needs as well.


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