Is California Leading the Way in the Solar Power Trend?

It’s no secret that solar power is growing in popularity in California, but the most recent numbers are still quite astounding. A recent report indicates that the number of solar panels installed in 2013 surpassed the number that had been installed in the previous 30 years combined. This news shows that there is great hope that the rise of the solar power system is imminent.

California is the leader in the country when it comes to solar panels and power. There is currently infrastructure in place to provide enough power to operate more than 600,000 homes. Of course, solar panels for home use aren’t the only contributor to the rise in popularity for solar energy. Many major retailers and corporations are getting in on the movement, with the state emerging as a leader for corporate solar power system operations.

There are challenges ahead in California for solar power. Traditional energy providers are less than thrilled at the growing influence of solar powers. Particularly polarizing is the ability of consumers to sell back unused energy to the grid. This has cut into profit margins for big electricity providers. Legislators and utilities have been carrying these concerns to the state legislature, but it remains to be seen just how many concessions lawmakers are willing to grant traditional energy providers.

California’s increasing use of solar power shows that this is a viable option for energy in the US. Many other states are increasing their use of solar panels, and it may only be a matter of time before solar power becomes just as popular in the rest of the country as it is in California.