Today’s soldiers have to carry a lot of gear with them in the field. Many of these devices require batteries, so soldiers must carry several heavy battery packs with them as they move to new locations. Solar power may be the solution to the problem of mobility for the US Army, proving once again that a solar power system can do more than just power a home.

Army experts are hoping that solar panels sewn into solders’ uniforms can harness the power of the sun to keep battery-operated devices working, without requiring everyone to carry heavy battery packs. This technology has already been introduced in the fashion world as an option for charging cell phones and tablets, so it makes sense that the US Army would take advantage of this technology for similar reasons.

Solar panels can also help to make the US Army more energy-efficient and save taxpayers some money. This is because there will be less need for convoys to travel to the soldiers’ locations to provide extra batteries for powering devices. Fewer trucks on the road means less fuel consumption, which benefits everyone.

The US Army has not yet put this technology to use on a large scale, but the idea of a solar power system removing extra weight from soldiers’ packs while saving energy is an idea that everyone can get behind. This technology could one day be used in many new and exciting ways on the battlefield and on home military bases.