Solar power is taking the world by storm, but not many people even know how solar power, let alone solar panels work.  Did you know that solar panels capture sunlight and convert it to energy using Photovoltaic  (better known as PV) cells? Every PV cell is comprised of three parts- silicon layers, anti-reflective coating, and metal conductor strips. All three components of a PV cell have a very specific purpose in the PV cell’s functionality. For example, the silicon layer makes up most of the cell and is beefed up with phosphorus and boron to increase productivity.  In addition, the anti-reflective coating ensures that photons (particles of light that generate electricity) are absorbed by the silicon layers and are not reflected away.  Last and certainly not least, metal conductor strips help conduct the flow of electrons through the panel into wires and vice versa to create a closed loop. To find out more about how solar panels work, read the infographic below:

How Solar Panels Work

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