Powering America

With the rise of the modern age of technology and transportation, there has been a need for a source of energy that meets consumer demand. Over the years, two of the main sources of energy have been crude oil and natural gas. This trend is anticipated to continue until 2040, with the consumption of such energy sources predicted to grow.

Past Trends & Future Predictions

The past is a great indicator for the future, which is why it’s important to check out past trends for energy use. Petroleum has long been a source of energy, with consumption of this energy source spiking a few decades ago. Since then, other energy sources have become more popular, such as natural gas, allowing the consumption of crude oil to lower. Although this energy source has lowered over the years, it is still a popular way to energize homes and vehicles and it’s anticipated to continue being a popular energy source in the future. In fact, the use of crude oil should increase a projected 56% by 2040. Natural gas, another popular energy source for the past and present, is also projected to rise over the years. This prediction is based on the popularity of this energy source due to its low cost.

Carbon Dioxide Emissions

With the rise in energy consumption in both residential and commercial sectors, energy waste and carbon dioxide emissions have become a hot topic. Currently, endeavors are being taken to help lower carbon dioxide emissions, and the goal is for this trend to continue, with carbon dioxide emissions decreasing over the years.

Powering America

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