Solar panels are a collection of solar cells that are bound together to create a durable, long-lasting source to draw energy from the sun. Solar panels for home use collect energy from direct sunlight that is then stored in a bank of batteries. The process of converting sunlight into electricity is called photovoltaics.

The larger the area that solar panels cover on a home, the more energy can be collected. Photovoltaic panels, or PVs, aid in the collection of direct current energy that is used to provide alternating current electricity. It is a homeowner’s self-sufficient energy source that can heat a home, water, swimming pools, and indoor or outdoor lighting. When the energy is stored in batteries, it can be used during the day or night.

A solar energy system consists of the panels, charge controller, fuses, an inverter, and a transfer switch. A generator is also important to a fully operational solar power system. It is important to have a professional team, from sales to installation, who will explain and set up the network on a property.

Solar panels for home use are an investment in green or renewable energy. The warrantied units which can be mounted on to the roof of a building or a pole on the property can provide over thirty years of low maintenance service. It is an exciting choice for a homeowner who is able to invest in a renewable source that benefits the planet and its’ future. Potential freedom from the utility company is an added bonus.