Solar power is clean, efficient, and sustainable. The earth is rapidly being depleted of fossil fuel sources. The sun is a daily provider of energy. Solar power systems are being used world-wide to power energy for homes, businesses, and power plants. It is important to learn about solar power facts, as it is a great source for renewable energy.

Solar power is safe for the environment. It is an abundant energy source that is drawn into photovoltaic panels and stored in batteries for use as needed. This direct current energy, DC, is converted into alternating current electricity, or AC.

Solar power can be tapped into from any place on earth, from a rural town to a bustling city, and even from a solitary mountain cabin. Solar panels can be placed on the roof of a building, or mounted onto poles located on a home or business owners’ property. Accessing this energy source is pollution-free and causes little to no noise, which can bother the neighbors.

Electricity that is converted from solar energy can be used to heat water, day or night. It can also power the pump to draw water from a well. It heats homes, and provides light and electricity for normal everyday life for families. Solar power is now being used to power vehicles, which saves on gas, while reducing pollution that damages the environment.

As the population continues to grow, people should learn about solar power facts, while striving to make a major effort to stop dependence on fossil fuels. As technology advances, it may be possible that no fossil fuels will be needed to produce and transport these cells, making solar power a true zero-carbon output energy source.