When it comes to solar energy, solar panels for home use aren’t the only way to benefit from this renewable resource. Luxury watch manufacturer Tag Heuer recently announced its solar-powered smartphone. This exclusive model may carry a $7,000 price tag, but could more affordable options for solar-powered smartphones around the corner?

The Meridiist Infinite by Tag Heuer is a limited-release, luxury smartphone. The production will be limited to about 1,900 pieces, which helps to create that expensive price tag. While it won’t be as popular as an iPhone, people who want the status that comes with a luxury phone will most likely be in a rush to get this new, innovative device. For more practical consumers, it is the solar panel technology that is interesting.

This phone uses photovoltaic components and sapphire glass to help harness the power of natural light. This means that the phone can essentially recharge itself when left in the sun. While other smartphones realize significant battery loss when left in sunlight, the Meridiist Infinite thrives on the exposure. The phone is made with Titanium and Carbon, which adds to its significant price tag, but it is possible that the same technology could be implemented with more consumer-friendly options.

For people who already have solar panels their homes, the idea of buying a solar-powered smartphone is an attractive one. Hopefully the major phone manufacturers will catch on to Tag Heuer’s latest innovation and use it for everyday products in the near future.