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"Love it when my bill went from ~$250 to $26." -- Jeffrey D., Brisbane

Skytech Solar is one of the few Bay Area solar companies focusing on residential solar, commercial solar and nonprofit solar installations.

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Skytech Process

How to reduce bills and increase the value of your home.

Community Buy In

If you live in a county or work for a company where we already have installations, you’re in luck.

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Skytech Mission

Local, being good for community, positive for environment, history, low-income, free solar, hire from good will, promote ideas to foreign dignitaries


PG&E chose Skytech Solar for its preferred employees.

Bay Area’s #1 Solar installer

We’ve installed over 1,500 solar systems in the Bay Area. Are you next?

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Anywhere there are sun rays in the SF Bay Area

Reviews & Testimonials

5-star reviews on Yelp.

I have referred Skytech to so many of my neighbors and every single one of the houses that went solar on our street went with Skytech.

Jeffrey D.

Brisbane, CA

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