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Skytech Solar specializes in installing Solar Panels and Solar Power systems in the San Francisco Bay Area. Go Solar now and take advantage of Solar Energy to reduced PG and E rates, charging you electric car and reducing your overall carbon footprint. Skytech Solar is a local bay area solar company, located in Potrero Hill that has completed over 400 Residential Solar Panel installations in the City of San Francisco. What are the advantages of solar energy? How do solar panels work? What are the solar energy pros and cons? Give us a call and one of our Solar Consultants would be glad to answer all of your Solar Power questions.
1501 Mariposa St Suite 319 San Francisco CA
Phone: 415.826.2503
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Solar Savings and Benefits

Solar Savings and Benefits Pages

This section details the great many solar power systems including savings and benefits of using solar panel systems from Skytech Solar. To educate the public about the benefits of solar energy, Skytech Solar has taken part in several incentive initiatives, ranging from participation in the city’s Workforce Development program that earned praise from former Mayor Gavin Newsom to job-creation planning as part of a Presidential special task force.


Advantages of Solar Power Systems :

  • Incentive Programs from the city, state and federal government offered to San Francisco Bay Area residents.
  • No More Rising Rates-Rate Tariff PG&E to lock in an energy rate at today’s prices to save substantially over the coming years.
  • Solar Benefits lists the top 16 solar benefits and savings for your solar investment in your home or business.
  • Energy Saving Tips around the house, for cooling tips, plus heating and hot water tips for your home or office.
  • Electric Car to be able to refill, charge and “refuel” your vehicle at your home or office through a solar installation.
  • FAQs about your utility company, performance and more.


Skytech Solar is a certified Go Solar SF solar power systems company, which allows us to provide San Francisco Solar Power systems with rebates ranging from $750 to over $10,000, plus the 30% Federal Rebate.

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